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The Second Trimester Ultrasound

The second trimester is when your baby starts to look more like a human, and you'll see them making cute little movements, like hiccups and somersaults. Ultrasound during the second trimester is to check on the baby's growth and development.

At this appointment, you'll likely get the chance to learn the sex of your baby, although that's entirely up to you. This is also when major physical features, including your baby's face and spine, will be detailed. Your doctor will measure head circumference, hip width, and skinfold thickness, among other measurements—all of which become more defined in this stage of pregnancy.

The main focus during this ultrasound will be on anatomy and organ development. Since most babies are more active during this trimester, you'll probably get some lovely active shots—including hiccups! You may also get 3D or 4D imaging showing clear facial details or even a little yawn.

The ultrasound in the second trimester will also detect any potential congenital disabilities or genetic disorders. If caught early, you and your doctor can plan for these issues, giving you a sense of relief and ease in the months ahead. Your doctor may check for polyhydramnios, an excessive amount of amniotic fluid surrounding the baby, or oligohydramnios, a lack of amniotic fluid.

Your doctor will also look at the placenta at the top of the uterus in the second trimester. This is when it will be determined if the placenta is anterior, towards the front of the uterus, or posterior, towards the back. Finally, remember that the second-trimester ultrasound will give you a rough estimate of your due date.

This is also an emotional time: with clearer images of the growing baby in front of them, many soon-to-be parents suddenly fall in love with their unborn child. It's also an opportunity to connect as parents-to-be with your new family member. You can listen together as the heartbeat thumps away, watching your baby hiccup and squirm. The second-trimester ultrasound can bring forth strong feelings of joy and connection—a momentous event that no one should miss out on!


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