Planning A Baby Shower Keep These 10 Things In Mind

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Planning a baby shower

Essential tips for a baby shower

You're about to throw the best baby shower ever! But before you can start planning, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Here are our 10 essential tips for planning the most successful baby shower.

  1. Getting enough rest before the baby shower is critical. You will be more energised and in a better mood, and that will reflect on the guests. Plus, you don't want to run around like a headless chicken in the days leading up to the event.

  2. Choose a Theme to Guide Your Decor and Activities: When planning your baby shower, choosing a theme is one of the most important steps. This will help guide your decor and activities and give your guests a clear idea of what to expect.

  3. Get Creative With Baby Shower Colours: The colours used in Indian ceremonies of Godh Bharai are usually red and yellow, where red represents nourishment, joy and wishes, and yellow means happiness and new beginnings. Try pastel colours of the same. 

  4. Pick the Perfect Venue: The fourth tip is to pick the perfect venue. What is perfect for you depends on the size of your guest list, budget and theme. Don't hesitate to host it in your own house and your comfort. 

  5. Put Together a Playlist of Fun Music: Music is a great way to set the mood and keep the party going. 

  6. Have a dedicated time for rituals so that you don't feel tired and everything begins and finishes at the dedicated times. 

  7. Pick the best date for the baby shower: don't choose a date closer to your due date. In traditional Indian households, a baby shower or Godh Bharai is usually done in the last seventh or eighth month of the pregnancy. 

  8. Pick some games and fun activities like dumb charades, housie, etc. 

  9. Organise food for guests.

  10.  Don't forget to enjoy yourself!

It is equally important to take care of yourself while enjoying the ceremony, so do not overexert yourself, take it easy and enjoy the blessings and gifts you receive!


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