Mastering The Art Of Ending Maternity Leave

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How to end maternity leave?

Mastering the Art of Ending Maternity Leave?

Returning to work can be hard, especially when you have to be away from your baby and get into your old routine. With a little bit of preparation, you can make the transition back to work in a less stressful and smoother manner.

Prepare your child for the change.

Provide a sense of comfort to your baby. They are embarking on this journey and need your support. Establish a routine early on so that your baby feels safe and secure as they adjust to the new world. It's important to talk about this change beforehand. Explain that you'll go back to work but still be with them during the day. Reassure them that they will still be loved and taken care of.

Take some time for yourself.

You deserve some time to yourself, even just a few minutes a day. Whether going for a walk, taking a break to read, or just sitting in silence, make sure you have time to relax and de-stress.

Create a routine

A set routine will help you and your child adjust to the change. If possible, try to stick to the same schedule you had before you went on maternity leave. This will help create a sense of normalcy for your child.

Breastfeeding and Working Mindfully

Cut down on the time you need to spend pumping during the day by trying to pump breast milk before you leave for work so that you have a supply on hand. Schedule your pumping breaks around your work schedule so that you can have some uninterrupted time to pump. Lastly, ensure to stay hydrated and eat a healthy diet, keeping energy levels up and making it easier to keep up with the demands of work and breastfeeding.

Connect and create a Support System.

There's no better support system than other mothers. Reach out to them for advice or just a listening ear. You'll be surprised at how much comfort and support they can offer.

Additionally, talk to your friends and family and let them know what kind of support you might need from them. Despite being a stressful time, it can also be a time of connection and growth. On top of that, towards the end of the day, you will see that little face that can melt every possible worry away!


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