Perineal Care After A Vaginal Birth

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Managing perineal soreness

  • Applying heat or warmth increases blood flow and promotes healing. So, you could sit in a tub filled with warm water and take a sitz bath! The tub could be placed on top of the toilet bowl, if not on the bathroom floor. 

  • You can use a spray bottle to spray your perineal area, while and after urinating or after bowel movements. Clean from front to back to avoid infections.

  • Use ice packs wrapped in a soft cloth, 10-15 minutes at a time over the sore areas. Direct contact can damage your skin tissue.

  • Make yourself some healing witch-hazel pads before you give birth. Spread aloe-vera gel over a sanitary napkin and add 1 tablespoon of witch-hazel. Make a bunch of these and freeze them in your 3rd trimester, to be used later to soothe your perineum.

  • There will be postpartum bleeding; so, ensure to change your pad every 2-3 hours to avoid infections.

  • While breastfeeding, use a doughnut shaped pillow to avoid any pressure on the perineal area or try to feed while lying down on your side.

  • If the area is too painful, ask your doctor for a medication for pain relief.

  • Air the area out to promote faster healing, a few times a day and use an underwear made-up of breathable fabric such as cotton.

  • If you are worried about bowel movements and straining the perineal area, try asking your doctor for a laxative or stool softener. Avoiding bowel movements could lead to constipation.

  • You could also do pelvic floor exercises; squeezing of the muscles in and around the vagina and anus can reduce discomfort and promote healing.

Things to avoid:

  1. Avoid strenuous activities

  2. Do not engage in penetrative sex

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