The Myth Of Making Less Milk While Breastfeeding: What To Do

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The Myth of Making Less Milk While Breastfeeding_ What to Do

Why does production of breast milk get affected

How to increase breast milk and breastfeeding journey

Regarding the breastfeeding journey, there's rarely a shortage of opinions and advice. But, one topic almost universally accepted is that moms make less milk than their babies need. This assumption has been around for generations. But, sometimes, fear and misinformation can drive our decisions—and lead us astray.

This line of thinking has kept many moms frustrated and confused about the reality of the breastfeeding journey. The truth is that your body can produce enough milk for your infant if you give yourself time to adjust and have realistic expectations.

Why does the production of breast milk get affected?

  • Infrequent Nursing: When your baby doesn't nurse frequently enough due to reasons like issues in latching, overstimulation, and so on, it can cause milk production to decrease because your body isn't able to detect when more milk is needed and start producing quickly.

  • Stress and Anxiety: These emotional factors can affect your ability to relax and let down milk, which means less milk for your baby.

It has been found that milk production is congruent with the baby's needs. You'll produce as much as the baby feeds. Therefore, the production might reduce if there is an issue with the latch.

Increasing Milk Supply

  • Practice Regular Nursing: Nursing your baby regularly and on demand so they get used to the feeling of being at the breast and can latch properly. When they're done nursing, use the other breast if time permits.

  • Take Care of Yourself: Eat a balanced diet, drink plenty of fluids, and get enough rest. It's important to take regular breaks to nurse your baby and keep your milk supply up.

  • Drink Plenty of Fluids: Staying hydrated is incredibly important while breastfeeding since it helps carry essential vitamins and minerals to your baby via breast milk while maintaining adequate milk production levels in your body.

Take care of yourself and give yourself grace. There is no "this is the one" method for increasing milk supply, but understanding the process and your body's needs can help in the breastfeeding journey. Take comfort in knowing you are providing your baby with the best nutrition possible.


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