Benefits Of Breastfeeding For Mothers


Although it can be exhausting in the early weeks, once you and your baby are practised at breastfeeding the convenience is a huge benefit. And you know what - benefits of breastfeeding are not only for the baby; they also have health advantages for the mother! Yes, just as a woman's breast milk is designed specifically to nourish the body of an infant, the production and delivery of this milk aids her own health!


  1. It gives you alone-time with the baby

  2. Helps you build a connect, easily

  3. Minimises post-partum bleeding

  4. Helps manage pain if you have had a C-section

  5. Enables you to lose pregnancy weight

  6. Reduces the risk of postpartum depression

  7. Delays menstruation

  8. Lowers the risk of osteoporosis

  9. Allows your uterus to shrink back to pre-pregnancy size

  10. Lowers the risk of breast cancer

  11. Reduces the risk of diabetes

  12. Reduces the risk of high blood pressure

  13. Prevents you from heart diseases 

  14. Saves you money

  15. Saves the environment by eliminating packaging & distribution of breast milk substitutes 

Did you know?

The moment you have skin-to-skin contact with your new-born, your body experiences a rush of oxytocin, nicknamed ‘the love hormone’ or ‘the cuddle chemical’, it’s also released every time your baby sucks on your nipple during a feed.

Oxytocin also has an antidepressant effect. One study found that mothers who had higher levels of the hormone had fewer anxiety and depression symptoms. In fact, for as long as you continue to breastfeed, oxytocin will help you feel calm, reduce stress and blood pressure, and even raise your pain threshold. 


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