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Partner’s role in labour and birth

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The birth of a baby is one of the most exciting times in a parent's life. The anticipation and joy leading up to the arrival of a child can be overwhelming, and it is always better to have someone by your side. 

Role of a Partner During Labour and Birth?

You have this unique opportunity to show calmness and offer understanding and strength to your partner. These qualities are invaluable in the labor and birth of a child. Are you wondering what it is that you should do during this time? Well, we have the answers! Here are some ways that you can help your partner during labor and birth:

  • Offer emotional support : Encourage your partner to ask for what they need, whether physical touch, words of affirmation, or just some space to relax and breathe through contractions. You can provide comfort and ensure they feel safe in their environment.

  • Listen actively : Let your partner know it's okay to express their feelings. Acknowledge their emotions with kind words or gestures and remind them that no matter how difficult the process is, they are strong enough to get through it.

  • Be prepared with supplies : Have a bag packed with food, drinks, water bottles (for hydration), lip balm, chargers/extra phone batteries (for phone/camera), and music (to set the mood).

  • Take part in non-medical tasks : such as setting up the room, getting snacks for your partner, or helping them move around using different birthing positions. Make sure these tasks don't take up too much energy but help fill in the gaps if needed!

  • Act as an advocate for her : voice her wishes and ensure they are respected.


Being supported by your partner throughout labor and birth can greatly impact your experience. Research shows that women who have the support of someone close to them during labor and birth may have shorter labor, require fewer medical interventions, and are more likely to have a normal vaginal birth.The presence of someone familiar can also give you a sense of security in an unfamiliar environment. 

Having a supportive and informed partner during labor and birth can help make the experience more manageable and lead to better outcomes for both mother and baby. 


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