When To Go To The Hospital

When to go to the hospital?

Signs when you need to go to the hospital

You're feeling pain and contractions. Are you in labor? Many of us have been through this, and what should be done isn't apparent. You may not be sure it is the right time to go to the hospital. What do you do? Don't worry, mama. We're here to help. 

During labor, it's essential to be able to distinguish between false labor pains and real ones. False labor contractions are irregular and usually painless. True labor contractions are regular and painful. They become intense over time, so if the contractions are less than five minutes apart, go to the hospital. 

Going to the Hospital when Water Breaks 

If your water breaks before labor begins, the chances of getting infections increase. It would be best to go straight to the hospital as quickly as possible. If contractions do not start within 24 hours post-water-break, your doctor might recommend starting labor. Inducing labor is called induction, and it helps kick-start labor. 

Blood in Vaginal Discharge 

You should head to the hospital if you notice any blood in your vaginal discharge during labor. While light bleeding is normal during labor, heavy bleeding can indicate placental abruption. This indicates the placenta has separated from the uterus before or during delivery and can be very dangerous. In fact, it requires immediate medical attention.

Past due date?

If you're past your due date and having regular contractions, you should consider heading to the hospital. If you are unsure about a hospital visit, you should check with your doctor. 


Labor is a unique and exciting experience, so don't worry if you're unsure whether you should go to the hospital - go with your gut instinct, and you won't go wrong.


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