Get Ready To Glow: A Guide To Pregnancy Grooming

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Get Ready to Glow_ A Guide to Pregnancy Grooming

Bath and Beauty routines

Hair removal

For many expecting mothers new to the world of prenatal beauty, taking care of yourself can initially seem overwhelming. That's why we're here to help you navigate this journey easily and gracefully. From skincare and makeup to waxing and hair care, we're here to provide useful tips and tricks for enjoying a safe and healthy pregnancy grooming routine.

It's time to get ready to glow, mama! Let's get started on pampering yourself, soon-to-be mama style.

Beauty Routine

Here are some points to consider when creating a safe pregnancy beauty routine:

  • Use natural, plant-based ingredients.

  • Look for products with fewer synthetic additives and fragrances labeled "non-comedogenic" or "oil-free.

  • Rinse off all face masks and beauty treatments after 10 minutes or less.


When it comes to mani-pedis, you'll want to exercise more caution in this season of extra-beautiful skin. Some salons may not be able to work with you if you are in your first trimester, as exposure to nail polish fumes is often avoided then.

It is best to opt for polishes free of harsh and toxic ingredients or other nasty chemicals.

You can also choose gentler services, like buffing the nails instead of painting them, or go for a French manicure for some natural color.

Hair Removal

Skin can be extra sensitive during pregnancy due to the increase in hormones. If you choose to wax, ensure the area is completely dry, and avoid areas you would typically avoid—such as your abdomen and breasts—to be safe.

Baths and Other Hygiene Regimens

Here are some tips for a pregnant woman’s bathing routine:

  • Stick to warm water when you bathe—avoid hot tubs or taking very hot showers/baths.

  • If you're prone to yeast infections, keep showers shorter than 10 minutes and opt for soap-less options.

  • Don't add essential oils to the bath—these can be toxic when waved in the air.

  • Take precautions for slipping in the tub—add an anti-slip mat or shower chair.

  • Make sure that your bathroom is well-ventilated. Closed bathrooms can lead to too much humidity and increase your risk of fungal infections.

Taking a bath is one of the best forms of self-care during pregnancy, so make sure you have all the right supplies (like a shower chair!) so your pregnancy bath time can be as safe as it is luxurious!


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