What Exercises Can Make A Difference In Pregnancy?

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What exercises can make a difference in pregnancy

Exercise and its importance in pregnancy

Types of exercise

Regular exercise helps keep you and your baby healthy with its many benefits, including reducing the risk of developing gestational diabetes and pre-eclampsia. This article will explore what kind of exercise can make a difference during pregnancy.

Importance of Exercise 

Moderate exercise, approximately 150 minutes a week or 30 minutes a day five times weekly, is typically recommended. It's essential to monitor how often you exercise and the intensity of each session. Please don't overdo it; pushing too hard could lead to exhaustion and cause more harm than good!

Remember, some discomfort during exercise is normal, but pain and bleeding are not. If you experience either of these symptoms, stop exercising immediately and contact your healthcare provider for advice. 

Exercising regularly during pregnancy does not have to be a challenge. It can be done safely with proper guidance from your doctor or midwife, who will continue to help you throughout this particular time.

Type of Exercise

  • Walking is an excellent exercise for beginners, it is easy, and you can do it comfortably. It causes minimal stress on your joints.  

  • Cardio exercise is great for your heart health and can help to improve your endurance and power. This kind of exercise includes activities like walking, jogging and biking. If you're ambitious, look for dance classes specifically designed for pregnant women!

  • Yoga is one of the best ways to exercise and stay active during pregnancy. All high-impact and contact sports should be avoided. Prenatal yoga is a great option to start your fitness journey. 

  • Stretching Exercise: Stretching and flexibility exercises help with circulation and relaxation; they can also be done during any trimester of pregnancy. 

  • Go for pelvic floor exercises like the child's pose and deep squats in the later months. 

No matter what exercise you decide to do, it's crucial to ensure that it's safe for your and your baby's health. Always consult your doctor before starting any new exercise routine during your pregnancy journey.


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