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Unlimited 1-on-1 diet consults
  • Customised for all trimesters
  • Region & culture specific diet plans
  • Quick recipes & personalised grocery list
Garbh Sanskar
  • Learn how to make your baby intelligent
  • Enhance your baby's physical growth
  • Shape the personality of your baby
Unlimited Yoga sessions
  • Recorded yoga sessions & webinars
  • Trimester wise yoga asanas
  • Exclusive relaxation techniques
  • Customised articles to increase your knowledge
  • Informative videos from India’s best experts
  • LIVE webinars on all pregnancy related topics

Meet Our experts

Divya Deswal
Pregnancy & Birth Professional
Dr. Aggarwala
Gynecologist & Obstetrician

Dr. Asavari Karani
Gynecologist & Obstetrician
Anushi Dhiman
Nutrition Expert

3 years of experience in diet & nourishment

Kirti Tandon
Nutrition Expert

6+ years of experience

Pallavi Singh
Care Guide

10+ years of experience

Neha Kamboj
Care Guide

3 years of experience

Priya Sharma
Prenatal Yoga Expert

6+ years of experience

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What is the duration of this program?

You can avail this program any day during your pregnancy. It will be valid till birth.

How will the program benefit me and my baby?

The program gets you India’s top pregnancy nutritionists who will give you unlimited 1-on-1 consults. Our experts will curate specific diet plans for your healthy weight gain and your baby’s overall growth.

Our experts will also give you a grocery list of superfoods with a list of quick recipes, and will monitor your baby’s growth and their nutrition demands on a weekly basis.

What activities will this program offer to enhance my baby’s growth?

Mamily brings you India’s ancient wisdom – ‘The Garbh Sanskar’. Through garbh sanskar we offer powerful ragas, soulful mantras and panchatantra stories to enhance your baby’s brain development and physical growth in the womb. These activities also play a major role to bond with your baby.

Can I ask questions to clear my doubts?

Absolutely! You can ask unlimited questions to our nutritionists through 1-one-1 consults.

What will I get through two free LIVE webinars?

These webinars will be conducted by global pregnancy experts to share knowledge and learnings on nutrition and other pregnancy-related topics. Experts will help you to understand nutrition and its role during pregnancy. They will also guide you on how to ensure your baby’s optimal growth through nutrition.