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Personalized Feed
  • Information-based weekly activities
  • Trimester wise research-based written articles
  • Weekly growth & development tracker
  • Myths v/s facts
  • Daily tips

Garbh Sanskar & Ancient Wisdom
  • Daily activities for baby’s brain development
  • Ragas, Mantras, Stories to enhance baby’s IQ
  • Garbh Samvaad for mother & baby’s bonding
  • Expert validated articles on Garbh Ahaar
  • Pregnancy meditations to be calm & centered

Online Community
  • Moderated by pregnancy experts & doctors
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Connecting with other expecting parents
  • Seeking help and guidance
  • Taking learnings from one another

Meet Our experts

Divya Deswal
Pregnancy & Birth Professional
Dr. Aggarwala
Gynecologist & Obstetrician

Dr. Asavari Karani
Gynecologist & Obstetrician
Priya Sharma
Prenatal Yoga Expert

6+ years of experience

Anushi Dhiman
Nutrition Expert

3 years of experience in diet & nourishment

Kirti Tandon
Nutrition Expert

6+ years of experience

Pallavi Singh
Care Guide

10+ years of experience

Neha Kamboj
Care Guide

3 years of experience

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What is the duration of this program?

You can avail this program any day during your pregnancy. It will be valid till birth.

Will there be LIVE or recorded yoga sessions?

You will have access to unlimited LIVE yoga sessions conducted by our expert prenatal yoga instructors.

How will the program benefit me and my baby?

The program helps you to increase your muscle strength and flexibility that is needed during childbirth. It also helps in improving your quality of sleep, and minimizes various pregnancy discomforts such as lower back pain. Most importantly, yoga creates a positive womb environment for your baby that results in improved birth outcomes.

Will I get sufficient help on nutrition as well?

Absolutely! You can ask unlimited questions to our nutritionists through 1-one-1 consults. They will share nutritious recipes for your healthy weight gain along with exclusive diet plans to enhance your and your baby’s immunity.

What is Mamily’s support community?

Support community is basically a group of pregnant women and their families, all under-one- roof. Through this community, you can share learnings and experiences to help each other alongside, seek support & advice from one another.