Managing Pregnancy Food Cravings: A Guide for Expecting Mothers

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Pregnancy food cravings

Tips for Managing Pregnancy Food Cravings

Expecting mothers often experience cravings for certain types of food. This is perfectly normal and a result of the changes in your body during pregnancy. Common pregnancy cravings include sweets, carbohydrates, fast food, fruit, dairy, spicy foods, pickles, animal protein, and cold foods.

Interestingly, some cravings are more common than others. Women commonly crave spices—which can be linked to a desire for more vitamin C and B6 in their diet—ice cream, chocolate (linked to magnesium deficiencies), pickles (linked to dehydration or an increase in acid production), and red meat (possibly linked to iron deficiencies).

It's important to remember that these cravings pass relatively quickly. While it's perfectly fine to give into your craving within reason, try finding healthier alternatives where possible. Eating a wide variety of healthy fruits and vegetables should help satisfy the food cravings!

Generally speaking, avoiding cold-cured meats and smoked fish during pregnancy is best, as these foods can cause listeriosis. Any raw or unpasteurized products can be considered harmful.

Tips for Managing Food Cravings

Feeling overwhelmed or embarrassed is natural when your food cravings come out of nowhere. But remember, you're not alone in this – millions of other pregnant women experience food cravings too.

Here are some tips for managing pregnancy food cravings sensibly:

  1. Don't deny yourself – if you crave something, have it in moderation. Having a balanced diet permits a few indulgences here and there.

  2. Listen to your body and eat what it demands– this might seem strange if you're used to eating whatever you're served. Still, by listening to your body's cues rather than what somebody else tells you to eat, it can be easier to control your food cravings while ensuring they're still within healthy boundaries.

  3. Move–exercise is one of the best ways to manage cravings as physical activity reduces hunger hormones.

  4. Change your routine – switch up what you normally eat for meals or snacks and try new flavors and ingredients to keep things interesting and help battle boredom-related cravings!


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