What we are offering through this workshop

All About Labour

All About Labour

  • Increase your chances of normal delivery
  • Identify pre-labour signs
  • Knowledge on difference between real and false labour
  • Know optimal fetal positioning
  • Understand the labour process and be labour ready
  • Discover top pain management techniques
  • Learn top comfort measures during labour
  • Understand labour hormones & their role in labour
  • Learn father’s role in labour
  • Decode due dates
  • Know what to eat and what not to eat during labour
All About The Baby

All About The Baby

  • Learn top breastfeeding positions
  • Discover tips for a good latch
  • Prevent sore nipples, pain & other discomforts
  • Know all about “not enough milk”
  • Know your baby’s journey; womb to the world
  • Support your baby’s development
  • Get started on breastfeeding
  • Identify hunger cues
  • Learn needs of your new born
  • Know how to calm the crying baby

Meet Our Experts



  • Embody Birth Practitioner
  • HypnoFertility Practitioner
  • Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist
  • Somatic Experiencing Practitioner
  • Birth-Art Facilitator
  • Safe and Sound Protocol Provider (Integrated Listening)
  • PSCYH-K Practitioner
  • Pre and Perinatal Educator
  • Mentor - Association of Pre and Perinatal Psychology and Health (USA)
  • Trauma Informed Courses
  • Prenatal Developmental Interventions
  • Prematurity
Priya Sharma

Priya Sharma

Prenatal Yoga Expert
Master’s degree & YCB Level-3 certification in Yogasana, Pranayama & Meditation
Kanika Bhatt

Kanika Bhatt

Nutrition Expert
Clinical Dietitian, M.Sc. in Foods & Nutrition, Certified Diabetes Educator, specializing in child health.

Workshop Itinerary

Day One

  • Purpose of the workshop
  • Importance of understanding labour and birth process
10 minutes
Changes in the body leading to labour:
  • Physical signs: nesting, energy changes, braxton hicks contractions
  • Emotional signs: mood swings, heightened emotions
  • Recognizing signs of labour approach
20 minutes
Hormones of labour:
  • Oxytocin - its role in contractions
  • Endorphins: nature's painkiller
  • Adrenaline and noradrenaline- the excitement and alertness hormones
  • Balance and interplay of these hormones during labour
15 minutes
How labour begins and progresses:
  • Early, active and transition phases
  • Duration and what to expect in each phase
  • The role of contractions
20 minutes
Hallmarks of progress:
  • Frequency and intensity of contractions
  • Changes in cervical dilation and effacement
  • Emotional signposts from excitement to seriousness to self-doubt
15 minutes
Q&A / Discussion 10 minutes

Day Two

Optimal fetal positioning:
  • Importance for easier labour and birth
  • Excercises and postures to encourage natural birth
15 minutes
Comfort measures during labour:
  • Breathing techniques
  • Movement and position changes
  • Massage and counter pressure
  • Hydrotherapy - warm and cold
  • Visualization and relaxation techniques
20 minutes
Father's role:
  • Emotional support and affirmations
  • Physical support - offering massages, assisting with positioning
  • Communication with medical professional
  • Decision-making and advocating
15 minutes
When to go to the hospital:
  • Recognizing signs of active labour
  • Importance of not going too early to avoid unncessary interventions
  • Preparing for the hospital: packing, logistics and what to expect
10 minutes
Making decisions on medical interventions:
  • Common interventions: epidural, induction, C-section
  • Benefits, risks and reasons for each
  • Importance of informed consent and the right to decline or ask questions
15 minutes
The birth process:
  • Pushing - when and how
  • Role of the medical team
  • Immediate postpartum - skin-to-skin, first breastfeeding, bonding moments
10 minutes
Q&A / Closing remarks 5 minutes

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Mamily offers continuous support and guidance to families during their pregnancy, labour and birth journeys. The company has various expert-led programs, expert verified resources and LIVE workshops (conducted by global pregnancy experts) to handhold families in minimizing stress and uplifting overall well-being of both - expecting parents and the unborn child.

This is a one-day workshop purely dedicated to you and your baby. The duration of the workshop is 2 hours that facilitates immense knowledge sharing by experts, LIVE case studies, special Q&A round, mindful activities and more.

This workshop is conceptualized and conducted by our Co-Founder – Ms. Divya Deswal along with a highly qualified and experienced team of senior gynecologists, prenatal yoga instructors and more. Divya is India’s top pregnancy and childbirth expert with a rich and profound experience of over two decades. She has worked with over 500+ pregnant families across the globe (handholding them right from conception, to pregnancy, to labour & birth, and to postpartum). She brings forth insightful information through this workshop including top pain management techniques during labour, father’s role, questions to ask your medical team and more.

The workshop will help you to understand the labour process in-depth, making you labour- ready. You will be able to gain knowledge and confidence as you approach childbirth; alongside, will be able to enhance your decision making ability on medical interventions. And most importantly, you will be able to apply top pain management techniques during labour as well as increase your chances of natural birth through this workshop.

It’s easy, all you need to do is – click on “REGISTER NOW” tab on this page, submit your details and make the payment. You will get a confirmation right away on the screen, along with a confirmation text message. This will be followed by the link to join the workshop.

Not to worry! In this case, we will accommodate you in the subsequent workshop.


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