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  • Webinars By Parenting Experts
  • Workout Classes For Moms
  • Diet And Nutrition Tips
  • Medical Know-How
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  • Mindful Activities
Mamily Connect
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  • Special Interest Groups
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  • Pediatrician
  • Personal Care Guide
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Divya Deswal
India's Top Parenting Coach
Priya Sharma
Yoga Expert

6+ years of experience

Kirti Tandon
Nutrition Expert

6+ years of experience

Anushi Dhiman
Nutrition Expert

3+ years of experience

Pallavi Singh
Care Guide

10+ years of experience

Neha Kamboj
Care Guide

3 years of experience

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How will I benefit from this program?

This is an all-inclusive program that empowers you to be the parent you always wanted to be. From continuous handholding to prompt support and timely guidance, the program lays a strong foundation for you to effortlessly undertake parenting through various resources that are listed in the “program features” on our website and App.

What all experts will I have access to through this program?

You will have access to all our highly-qualified in-house experts including pediatricians, fitness instructors, parenting coach, nutritionists and more. You can connect with them through unlimited 1-on-1 consults.

What is the validity of this program?

If you opt for Rs.1999/- the program validity is for 3 months, in case you opt for Rs.4,999/- the program validity is for one year.

Will there be separate charges to add family members?

You and your family members can use your registered contact number to avail our subscription, at no additional cost.

What is ‘Mamily Connect’ and how will I benefit from it?

You get to be a part of a support community through Mamily Connect. This is for you to connect with other parents to share knowledge & learnings; alongside, seek support & guidance.

Secondly, you get access to ‘Special Interest Group’ which is an exclusive section that caters to severity issues. This section entails accurate information curated by medical experts on various medical and some non-medical issues. It helps you to understand the issue in-depth, its cause and also assists you to deal with it through correct guidance.